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If you would like to contact one of the speakers, women who shared their mentors or those at a mentor table please contact us at womensministry@wels.net

2016 Women’s Ministry Conference Photos

2016 Women's Ministry Conference

Professor Gurgel presented “The Glorious Te Deum of Our Lives as Masks of God”

The stanzas included:

  1. Jesus continues to sing his glorious Te Deum through me!
  2. Everyone I am privileged to sing to is Jesus!
  3. In Jesus, my Heavenly Father  delights in my singing!
  4. Everything Jesus gives me to sing is sacred!
  5. Jesus prepared in advance my daily singing opportunities!
  6. Jesus always equips me to sing where he calls me!
  7. I sing so that a glimpse of Jesus’ tenderhearted compassion touches those around me (not for myself)!
  8. As I pray my song taps into Jesus’ immeasurable power for myself and others!
  9. Jesus graciously honors my singing even if the world ridicules or ignores it!
  10. I sing under the gracious shadow of Jesus’ cross on my way to glory!
  11. I sing with the repeating refrain of Jesus’ saving grace!

Our NEXT Conference in 2019

Every three years, the Women’s Ministry Committee hosts a spectacular conference!  Keep in mind that our next conference will be held, Lord willing, in 2019.

Favorite parts of our past conferences include:

  • Biblical presentations on Christian mentoring
  • Fellowship as active Christian women gather around the Word of God
  • Networking as women bring their unique gifts and ideas together
  • Worship as we join together in praising our God!

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