Advent by Candlelight

Advent by Candlelight is an event to help women focus on Christ during the busy holiday season.

It can be designed as an outreach to the community or an opportunity to encourage believers.
Through narration, readings, prayer, and music, Christ will shine as the Savior.

Enjoy creating a beautiful ambiance, but know that the power is in the message of the Gospel.

Check out the service descriptions below, or explore the “Services” section for many more options.

New for this year – Come, Lord Jesus!

Advent Prayer Service
This service is a celebration of Advent in lessons and songs. The narrative explains the traditional candles of the Advent wreath (Prophecy, Bethlehem, Angel, Shepherd, Christ) and includes readings, music and prayers. Written by Marilyn Miller.

Let Your Lights Appear
This service includes the traditional candles of the Advent Wreath and then includes new, alternative ways to think about the candles with a focus on letting the light of our faith shine at home, work, in our community and at church. Submitted by St. John’s, Wauwatosa.

Prepare My Heart, Lord Jesus
Follow the traditional candles of the Advent Wreath (Prophecy, Bethlehem, Angel, Shepherd and Christ candle) and closes with a Gathering Rite on Holy Baptism. Written by Su Hanson.

Lent by Candlelight

Lent by Candlelight provides another opportunity to encourage your sisters in Christ with the Word of God! Or use it to reach out into your communities and share Christ!