2019 Women’s Ministry Conference Handouts

Conference handouts are available below.

Downloadable resources

2019 Conference BookDownload 
2019 Conference Book - digital viewDownload 
Daily Prayers on 1 PeterDownload 
Living as Stones - L PlagenzDownload 
Rock Balancing - J WollerDownload 
Living as Foreigners - N SchmidtDownload 
Precious to God: How the Gospel Changes our Here & Now - M NovotnyDownload 
God Uses all the Legos: Uniquely Designed & Perfectly Planned - N SchmidtDownload 
Excellence for Exiles: Reframing Stumbling Blocks - R FritzDownload 
Sacrifice Spiritually: Offering What's Pleasing to God - D SchulzDownload 
Living Christian on a Secular College Campus - PanelDownload 
Equipping Christian Women for Action - D Dobberstein (PowerPoint)Download 
Uniquely Shaped: Stepping Boldly into Your Personal Calling - L LorigDownload 
Uniquely Different: Building Diverse Teams for God's Glory - L LorigDownload 
Someone's Watching: Living Christian Attitudes - L GummDownload 
Placing Myself Under God's Authority: Presentation and Application for World and Home - K WendlandDownload 
Professing Your Faith: When Water Cooler Talk Can Land You in Hot Water - M BirschbachDownload 
Refugee Songs: Confident of Identity, We Speak - P Wendland (PowerPoint)Download 
Refugee Songs: Confident of Identity, We Speak - P Wendland (notes)Download 
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