2016 Conference Downloads

Read the presentation "Deborah: A Woman of Influence" by Naomi Schmidt.


Downloadable resources

Prof. Rich Gurgel Hand Out Download 
Kathie Wendland Hand OutDownload 
Dawn Schulz Hand Out Download 
Naomi Schmidt Hand Out Download 
Naomi Schmidt - Sarah's BeautyDownload 
Naomi Schmidt - Women of the Bible OverviewDownload 
Jill Schultz Hand OutDownload 
Jill Schultz - Comforting Bible PassagesDownload 
Jill Schultz - Lord Enthroned - Vocal editionDownload 
Jill Schultz - Lord Enthroned - Piano editionDownload 
Rachel Fritz Hand Out Download 
Paula Sulzle Hand OutDownload 
Sally Valleskey Hand Out Download 
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