2022 Women’s Ministry Conference Handouts

Conference handouts are available below.

2020 December Devotions

2019 Women’s Ministry Conference Handouts

Conference handouts are available below.

Handouts are also available from the 2016 conference.

Women’s Bible Study – Time: It’s a Gift

Time: It’s a Gift is a 4-week women’s Bible study providing a rich foundation of Scripture, both law and gospel, to guide us as we open up and look into using God’s gift of time. The goal is to equip us in the midst of a “no limits” society to make wise decisions in scheduling each day; to live biblically in all the seasons of our lives. God speaks clearly saying “Live in peace and be content.” We say, “How is that possible?” We’ll look at those possibilities. We also note that nowhere does God say, “Now here’s a great way to live a harried life!” Even in the midst of full schedules or time-on-our-hands schedules, may we say with the Psalmist David “My times are in your hands” (Psalm 31:15). The study is meant to be flexible to fit into four one-hour sessions, or to expand to fit a more relaxed agenda and deeper study of Scripture by making use of the “More Time” and “Taking it Home” opportunities.

Sally Valleskey
WELS Women’s Ministry

2019 Women’s Ministry Conference

Promotional materials for the 2019 Women’s Conference are below.


To make the 11 x 17 poster panel:

  • Take to local printer. Print on 100# poster (laser printer, appears to be a semi-gloss), borderless
  • Cost should be around $3.50
  • Purchase foam core panel at 99cent/dollar store – standard 20” x 30”; cut to size (will provide for two display panels)
  • Mount poster on foam core with double stick tape, making sure corners are sealed well
  • Total cost is around $4.00

2016 Conference Downloads

Read the presentation “Deborah: A Woman of Influence” by Naomi Schmidt.


Bible Study Resources

These resources are to help you in teaching bible study!

You’ll find beautiful, color bookmarks with opening prayers that can easily be printed for your group!

We have evaluation tools to help you start, select or evaluate your women’s bible study and a quick guide to help you find the right section of Scripture in times of difficulty.

View our Bible studies in the following categories:

Spanish Bible Studies

Women’s Ministry continues to work with our theological reviewers, translators and WELS Multi-Language Publications to bring you bible studies in Spanish with a Christ-centered focus!

Advent by Candlelight Resources

As you’re getting started on an Advent by Candlelight service, these resources might be helpful! There are bulletin and newsletter announcements that are ready for you – just add your information or adjust as needed. The hostess suggestions include ideas for you to make sure you’ve covered all your bases!

Bible Sister Series

Learn from the lives of believing women in the Bible.

View other Bible study series and find helpful resources:

Books of the Bible

Explore the books of the Bible with these Bible studies.

View other Bible study series and find helpful resources:

Topical Bible Studies

Studies on various biblical topics and daily life.

View other Bible study series and find helpful resources:

Devotions for Women

Take time to study God’s Word through devotions written by women just like you.

Lent By Candlelight

Lent by Candlelight developed out of the popular Advent series. Services below are useful for a quiet time of reflection and meditation during the busy season of Lent.

Women’s Ministry Conference

Help us get the word out about our upcoming Women’s Ministry Conference!

You’ll find posters, bulletin inserts, our conference brochure, images, and more here!


General Resources

Read the following resources to learn more about the work of Women’s Ministry. These resources may also be helpful for starting a group in your congregation.

Advent By Candlelight

Use Advent by Candlelight is an event to help women focus on Christ during the busy holiday season. Share the message of Christmas!

Browse the services below to find one that fits your congregation’s needs.

Need additional help? Check out our resources for bulletin and newsletter announcements.

An Advent by Candlelight is available to accompany the outreach movie My Son, My Savior. Find the materials on the My Son, My Savior resource page.

Another Advent by Candlelight is available to accompany the outreach movie To the Ends of the Earth. Find the materials in the To the Ends of the Earth-Special section.